February 15, 2017

Football was the theme for Family ELA Night

Last Thursday, McClusky Public School held its Family ELA Night at the high school gym. It had been postponed from late November due to a blizzard. The theme was football and held just before Super Bowl Sunday. Approximately 60 children, parents and grandparents came out for the fun night.
McClusky staff members each wore the football jersey of their favorite team. Everyone gathered at the home economics room where Mr. Senske read a story on “Stone Soup.” He gave soup “stone” ingredients to Brooklyn Lauer, Brandon Lauer and Irie Irwin; Aubrey Majors received salt; Tyson Foley, pepper; Taegen Fox, carrots; Von Irwin, lettuce; Wyatt McLeod, beans; Eli Halstad, potatoes, and Lindsey Abrahamson, noodles.

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