May 14, 2014

Formal spring concert pleases evening crowd


Black and white formal dress, a pile of good manners, and some great music made up a special evening of entertainment at the McClusky School on May 6.

The Spring High School concert sprang smoothly into the season with opening numbers led by McClusky School Music Director Amber Hoffman and sung by the Junior High Choir.

The young group performed "Little Wheel A-Turnin’," "Sho-shone Love Song" and "Bonse Aba."

The High School Choir followed with their performances of "Back to the Fifties, a medley of six familiar-to-parents-and-grandparents songs from "Jailhouse Rock" to "Rock Around The Clock."

They solemnly purred though "Annabel Lee" and then finished with American Folk Rhapsody, livening up the pace just a bit.

The High School Band closed the concert with three musical numbers: "Stargazer," "Down by the Salley Gardens," and "Carry On Wayward Son. A duet performance by Alexandra Naser and Skylar Simes sparked the evening’s finish.

Junior High choir members are Shelby Faul, Morgan Grade, Kaitlyn Haux, Carson Houser,

Madison Houser, Lucas Rath, Savannah Rhoads, Rose Rippee, Kaley Sease, Jacob Strobel, Cyri Touchette, and Michael Wolt.

High School Choir members are Shayna Crimmins,

Trista Crimmins, Jewel Faul, Kody Faul, Chasely Houser, Connor Jerkovich, Levi Larson, Alexandra Naser, Lance Pellman Kady Rath and Skylar Simes.

High School Band members include all the high school choir members and Derek Mortenson, Lucas Rath, Rose Rippee, Kaley Sease, Jacob Strobel, Cyri Tou-chette and Michael Wolt.

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