July 22, 2015

Forty years, 400 guests and a sombrero


A veterinarian since he was 26, twenty of them in McClusky, was cause for a 40-year-celebration. At his semi-retirement party on July 10, 400 guests showed up to help him celebrate. Among these was his son, Jeff, who sang a tenor solo in his best "Pavarotti" opera fashion.

Another guest also made a remarkable gift, bringing a sombrero for Kitto to wear. He declined a photo wearing the hat. The sombrero was compliments of Myron Morris, the music was Rock Creek band from New Salem, and the staff enjoyed everything along with him.

The "other vet" Nadine Tedford has been there for six years; Veterinary Technician Teresa Naser for 14 years; new vet Jesse Vollmer who works in the Harvey Vet Clinic branch, two and one-half years; and newest vet Andrea Lee started the first of June. Receptionist Andrea (Deseth) Brown has been with the clinic for five years… along with a name change.

The work that he decided to do when he was six years old has lasted 24-7 since 1975. He graduated from Washington State University as a veterinarian after four years in a bachelor’s program at Montana State University Bozeman. Dropping to two days a week "for sure" he will also be available as needed. He wants to continue to work with horses, his "passion" in an area that has seen many advances and interesting treatments develop.


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