February 10, 2016

From plans to projects


Things are popping in McClusky in community growth and projects.

Though those involved know how much effort went into things happening, the projects are not yet visible to the general public.

The meeting called by JDA President Roberta Hunt for February 4 was a good showing of volunteers ready to move forward on individual action plans for growing McClusky.

The vision statement by the group for the city of McClusky states, "The City of McClusky will strive to be the ‘City with Heart’ by providing agricultural, recreational, educational, medical and economic opportunities in a community that is safe, provides quality municipal services, maintains family values and is proud of its ethnic heritage. We are sharing, caring and growing!"

To these ends, those that met over a series of meetings under the guidance of Alisa Dahl, USDA Strike Force, and JDA President Hunt, tried to find a portion of the plans that suited both their skills and interest as well as filled a need in the community.

In order to help determine the needs of the community, US Census Data was considered, as well as the personal knowledge of the committee members as to the interests and skills within the community.

The population of McClusky is approximately 368. Of these 196 are female and 172 male. The largest percentage age groups are those 45-54 years of age at 68 persons; 60-64 years of age at 33 persons, 65-74 years of age at 53 persons, and 75-84 years of age at 56 persons. There are also 17 people over the age of 85 matched closely in numbers by the age groups 10 to 24 years of age.

There are 353 who are listed as white, with 15 of other races. The average household size is 1.84 people and average family size is 2.58 people.

Occupied units of housing show owner occupied is 140 with renter occupied as 66 for a total of 206.

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