February 12, 2014

From pots and pans to pupils


Asked why he chose drums as a musical instrument, Jeremy Lauer smiled as he thought. "They were loud and we had lots of pots and pans for me to practice on," Lauer said. Then he added that his first real drums were bought by his parents. They, as most parents do, thought they were a real waste of money and would just collect dust.

With a pot and pan start at age eight, the graduation to the "real" drums (a snare, bass and three toms set) at age ten, he wasn’t done yet. After playing for four or five years, he sold the set, an old "Slingerland" set, sold by Gib-son, and purchased a used nine piece Pearl set. Now he had a bass, snare and seven toms!

This one went with him to age 22, a total of six or seven years of playing in school and in bands, then he replaced the set with a new one, a six-piece Mapex. He has bass, snare and four toms and the set is blue and white, called "Ice." Lauer continues to play with bands on a casual basis, hauling the set with him wherever he goes.

Lauer was raised in McClusky by parents Gerald and Barbara Lauer, both also McClusky High School

graduates. He has two siblings, brothers Brandon (McClusky), and Shannon

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