June 24, 2015

Full house at McClusky USDA Community Conference


McClusky Job Development President and Mayor Roberta Hunt opened the USDA meeting with a welcome to USDA and the partner organization gathered to give information and direction to the gathered county representatives and community leaders.

Bill Davis, Acting State Director of USDA Rural Development, continued the meeting at the StrikeZone Community Conference held in McClusky on June 17 with sane and stable words. "We are moving the needle in almost every area of our efforts," he noted. "It is not so much about home runs as base hits." He enumerated the project areas that have improved in the StrikeZone communities: arts and humanities; outdoor recreation; local foods, and rural tourism among the leaders.

According to Samantha Evenson, RD, the StrikeZone counties include: Benson, Eddy, Emmons, Kidder, Logan, McHenry, McIntosh, Ramsey, Rolette, Sheridan, Sioux, Towner and Wells. Of those who attended there were 65 people (that does not include USDA staff) and with the USDA staff of 12, there were 77 people.

USDA attendance numbers by county listed 21 of the 65 people with information only identifying community leaders and members who attended and not including individuals from partner organizations around the state: Benson 2; Eddy 1; Kidder 0; Ramsey 1; Rolette 2; Sheridan 5; Sioux 1; Towner 0; Wells 3; McHenry 3; Emmons 1; Logan 0; and McIntosh 2.

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