December 21, 2016

Garage door bids accepted

The old garage doors from the east side of the McClusky City building, including the fire hall doors are now history. The three bids were opened. They included one for $25 for each door and the door opener for $125; one bid for $25 each door, no bid on door opener; and one bid for $144 including all doors and the door opener. Jeff Martwick’s bid of $144 was accepted.
Ordinance 4.0505, second reading, was approved and adopted. This concerned the use, sale and possession of fireworks as according to state statutes.
The quail issue was brought up. Frank Teumer still has 16 birds left on his city property. Trent Naser, Sheridan County Sheriff, was present and was directed to have City Attorney Walter Lipp draw up a summons and complaint and have the issue settled in court. It was reported at the meeting that the quail owner had told the city auditor that he was “not getting rid of the birds” and that he “would go over your heads.”

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