December 2, 2010

Generations at the Ranch House on the move

Generations at the Ranch House on the move
Information submitted by Maureen Beck
The Beck Thelen Ranch House will be moved from its location east across the street from the Sheridan County Court House in McClusky to Bismarck on Thursday, Dec. 2. The large house has been a landmark building in McClusky for many years.
The house will start its long journey on gravel roads, past the McClusky Cemetery and continue south and a bit west to Bismarck.
John and Anna (Thelen) Beck, along with her brother Pete Thelen, built this two-story ranch house about 1900 and raised cattle and horses there in the Prophets Mountains, near McClusky.
Their herd of cattle grew to number over one thousand head by 1902.
John and Anna built a new home in McClusky in 1905 at 403 Ave. B East. Much of the carpentry work was done by Pete Thelen, Anna’s brother.

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