February 26, 2014

Good conservation and good fun at local SCSCD awards event



The Sheridan County Soil Conservation District held its annual banquet complete with food, awards and entertainment.

The "Lutherlic Ladies," known as Cora, alias Deb Paintner, and Emma, alias Shelly Zimprich, brought good entertainment from Mayville and Cooperstown to the Sheridan County Soil Con-servation District awards banquet on Feb 12 at the McClusky Elementary Lunchroom.

They hit all the soft spots for a laugh, caressing a bald head or two along the way. One just never expects to see leg hair removal at a banquet.

No ethnicity or religion was safe from jabs as they managed to bring in Lutherans, Catholics, Norwegians, and Germans for their share of blame.

They came in as slow moving "aging" women and left the audience breathless and weak, but from laughing.

The duo started performing on a whim to entertain friends and family and then became "Da" Lutherlic Ladies.

Raised as good Lutheran girls, Shelly was from a strong German community and Deb a good Norwegian town. Both married "bad" Catholic boys and became Catholic, they kidded that they were still half Lutherans and "Lutherlic" resulted.

The rest of their individual and unique identities is from departed grandmothers as well as part of their personas.

The personal touches, with coaching ahead of time from the community, led them to "honor" several with personal jibes, com-pliments, and attention. Men even learned that Pledge furniture polish was a better aphrodisiac than after-shave.

Awards were presented to the Seventh Grade Tour Goodrich School high scorer Nicholas Richter and to Sheridan County farmers Ryan and Sandy Felchle and their three sons, Cole, Gregory and Dawson, for the 2013 Achievement Award for conservation practices on their farm. Felchle’s will again be honored at the state banquet for the soil conservation districts.

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