November 18, 2015

Goodrich Auditor Deloris Oswald retires after 32 years


On November 10, 2015, many colleagues, friends and loved ones came by the Fire Department social hall, in Goodrich, to say congratulations to Deloris Oswald after 32 years on the city council as auditor for Goodrich. There was a large sheet cake that announced her retirement and plenty of coffee and refreshments for those who came and went quickly or stayed the afternoon visiting with others around the tables.

Everything was low key, quiet, and orderly just as Deloris wished it to be. It was as everyone said that is how she has spent her years managing different positions in Goodrich over the years. During the past years she served on the Goodrich Ambulance Squad and Park Board, and also plays the piano off and on at the church she attends, Goodrich Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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