May 30, 2013

Goodrich, McClusky Memorial day programs held

Goodrich, McClusky Memorial day programs held
Information gathered by
Candace Pellman, edited
The Goodrich American Legion Color Guard was at Denhoff Cemetery for its Memorial Day service.
Goodrich American Legion Albert Block Post 56 held its Memorial Day program at the Goodrich high school gym.
Michelle Mindt was accompanist for the Goodrich program with Legionnaires advancing the colors.
The audience sang “National An-them” and recited “Pledge to the Flag. Chaplain Gordon Felchle gave the invocation and Goodrich Legion Commander Merwyn Krein welcomed everyone to the program and everyone sang “Battle Hymn of Republic.”
Amber Anderson and Megan Mauch, 2013 Goodrich School Girl State attendees, gave reports and also selected a musical.
Daisy Tripp played a solo selection on her violin and Audience sang “America the Beautiful.”
Michelle Entzminger, Fourth District Commander, was guest speaker.
Entzminger said, “Scripture tells us that there is no greater love than a man laying down his life for his friends. The men and women that we honor and remember today have proven that they are not just friends to us as Americans, but they are friends to men and women in countries around the world.
“One such man, Sergeant William Stacey, epitomized what it meant to be a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was described by a journalist embedded in Afghanistan as having ‘bright and concentrated flame within him that could cut through stone. It spelled death and failure for his enemies and gave life to his comrades.’
”On January 23, 2012, the 23-year-old from Redding, California (already on his fourth deployment to Afghan-istan) was killed by an IED blast while walking patrol in Helmand Province.
“Like many going into combat, Sergeant Stacey wrote a letter to be read in the event that he would give his life.
“’My death did not change the world,’ Sergeant Stacey wrote. ‘It may be tough for you to justify its meaning at all. But there is greater meaning to it. Perhaps I did not change the world. But there will be a child who will live because men left the security they enjoyed in their home country to come to his. And this child will learn in the new schools that have been built. He will walk his streets not worried about whether or not his leaders’ henchmen are going to come and kidnap him. He will grow into a fine man who will pursue every opportunity his heart could desire. He will have the gift of free

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