August 22, 2018

Goodrich RFD receives bin rescue unit and training

Submitted by
Becky Peterson,
Director of Marketing and Services
The Goodrich Rural Fire Department recently received potentially life-saving grain-bin rescue equipment and training through a donation from Farm Credit Services of Mandan.
Farm Credit Services donated a 10-panel system manufactured by Minnesota-based Outstate Data. The equipment is designed by rescuers specifically for grain bin entrapments. “We have had 16 successful saves with this equipment,” said Dale Ekdahl, owner and trainer for Outstate Data.
Nearly 30 volunteer firefighters from Goodrich, Hurdsfield, and McClusky attended Ekdahl’s training session in Goodrich using hopper bottom grain semi-trailers filled with wheat. “This was a very good hands-on training. Dale had us practice and discuss different entrapment situations as no two rescues are the same,” said Mike Richter, Goodrich Fire Chief. “We are so appreciative of Farm Credit’s support,” he added.

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