October 28, 2015

Goodrich School students hold fall concert

Goodrich School music department held its fall concert on Tuesday evening, October 20, at the Goodrich School gym.

Music selections were performed by students:

Grades K-3: "Boomwhackers," and "Nursery Rhymes; Zane Steichen and Malakye Galvin sang "Jesus Loves Me."

Grades K-6: Long, Long Ago," "We Love Our Grandparents," "Thirty Days Has September," "There was an Old Witch," and "The Little Red Hen."

Grades 4-6: "Goodbye Summer." The students performed "Peace Must be Our Goal, Misasama" on the recorders.

Grades 7-10: The students performed "Ex. No. 1, Russian March" on the recorders; "Theme from Cheers," and "Have you seen the ghost of John?"

Grades 4-10: Maira Steichen and LaDonna Erdmann played their guitars while students sang "Little Man," and "American Tears."

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