December 11, 2019

Grace Lutheran Christmas Bazaar offers warmth and gifts

Knoephla dinner, complete with sauerkraut welcomed hungry people into Grace Lutheran, along with sandwich choices and the usual selection of dessert bars and pies. Coffee was free with a purchase.
The event started at 10 a.m. Shoppers arrived promptly, viewing the new quilts for sale, sizes from twin up to king-size, in all colors and creative designs.
Christmas items in search of a new home filled a room, with handmade new items also available. Stuffed bears caught everyone’s eyes, as well as the Santa’s boots hang-up ornaments.
The biggest room held tables of baked treats, chocolate fudge filled with nuts, cookies with kisses (chocolate) on top, bars of all kinds and many other homemade items.
The lunch counter and eating area quickly filled with those wishing their morning coffee with cherry, chocolate, or raisin treats, or maybe two.
Steaming fragrant knoephla dinners, soup and sandwiches were served with a smile at the lunch counter, with help finding a place to sit.
The women of Grace Lutheran organize this event and other service events during the year. They work in many areas, from local to state and worldwide, finding ways to serve people in need as well as those who are ill or homebound.

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