May 4, 2016

Grace Lutheran turns 75


Under the colors of the wall hanging of Amazing Grace hymn on Sundays sit the many members of the Grace Lutheran Church in McClusky. People have been baptized, confirmed, married and buried from families with names familiar to most area residents. It is a church of true grace, inclusiveness, service, music and of most importance, guidance in faith for families, adults and children.

First members of the church surnames included Peterson, Hamilton, Dahl, Moore, Oppenboen, Ostrom, Hildenbrand, Engel, Knudtson, Logerberg, Ellingson, Buchmiller, Berg, Britton and Baron. Many of these names connect to current members of the congregation and elsewhere in the community.

The church was organized under McClusky American Lutheran Church in 1941; then changed its name to Grace Lutheran Church in 1952 to avoid confusion with the American Lutheran Synod.

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