November 25, 2010

Hair care at home or away

Hair care at home or away
When you are having a bad hair day, or just a mediocre hair day, you appreciate being able to access services, no matter what your personal needs may be. A person who can take care of this out-of-shop personal service is Caryn Jorgensen.
Operating under a special license from the ND Board of Cosmetology, Jorgensen is able to provide cosmetology services to the Homebound, which means any person who is ill, disabled or otherwise unable to travel to a salon. She carries a license with her when she provides these services, along with a large bag of equipment.
Currently, Jorgensen says she has two regular customers that she helps in their own homes. She also fixes hair, including permanents, at Sheridan Memorial Home in McClusky. She is appreciative of the new sink for hair care, along with the two dryers, that make it work better for the client and her at the Home. The numbers there vary, currently about eight.

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