January 20, 2016

Hazard mitigation plan meeting held


Developing overall plans within the county is a large task. Some agencies such as Emergency management and Wayne Houston and McClusky School District, along with the McClusky Rural Fire District have some plans in place.

Daniel Schwartz, Planning and Emergency Specialist, Wenck Associates, was in McClusky on January 12 to lead those who gathered from areas throughout the county to organize a plan.

Attendees were asked to communicate, provide information, and feedback to the planning team. They represented many areas in the county along with Noelle Kroll from McLean County. Kroll had been part of the process in the formation of the plan from her area.

Others present were Sheridan County Emergency Manager Wayne Houston, McClusky Fire Department volunteer Wayne Helm, Sheridan County Commissioner Steven Eisenbeisz, Martin City Council Edward Coombs, Sheridan County Extension Agent Nicole Wardner, Sheridan County Health Nurse Kristy Jensen, McClusky City councilmen Nathan Rhoads and Lynn Meserole, McClusky Fire Chief Jeff Martwick, McClusky Ambulance Sherry Korus, and Goodrich Fire District volunteers Dave Ludwig, Kevin Vietz, and Mike Richter.

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