June 3, 2015

Hearing draws negative responses


There were no ‘warm fuzzies’ at the Sheridan County Public Hearing held at the County Courthouse’s community room on Tuesday, May 26. The crowd of about 20 people was, almost to a person, not in favor of the proposed change from an elected treasurer’s position to one appointed by the auditor in a combined duty of the two offices.

All three commissioners were present: Michael Axt, Howard Erdmann and Steve Eisenbeisz. Also present was County Auditor Shirley Murray.

The ad that asked for applicants for the hired position that would help cover the duties of the treasurer’s job was unclear, one attendee stated.

The person stated that it wasn’t clear what type of duties would be done by whom or whether the job would be part time or full time or exactly what was needed to qualify for the position.

The same person objected to the position not being filled by the voters also and that the job should be filled by someone who is interested in a being a permanent employee and help contribute to the community and school with their families living here.

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