July 18, 2018

Hertz aiming for rodeo crown

Submitted by Melanie Hertz
Some people probably have fallen face first into the dirt at some point, whether it is from stepping into a hole while checking crops or running across the corral with muck boots on. It’s usually more of an annoyance than anything and with any luck at all, it probably only happens once a year.
Megan Hertz, daughter of Aaron and Melanie Hertz, is no stranger to this type of action.
Hertz’s mother Melanie, tells her daughter’s tale.
“What about falling face first while dismounting from a horse that’s running full throttle down the arena, when you’re only nine years old and maybe 55 pounds with rocks in your pockets? Then, getting up, and trying it again, and again.
“Wing North Dakota cowgirl, Megan Jean Hertz, has been competing in Little Britches Rodeo since October of 2016, when a Little Britches franchise opened in North Dakota.
“There’s been countless face plants, twisted ankles, tipped barrels, broken patterns, and maybe even a few tears along the way. It might feel like grounds for quitting, but instead, she’s learned to “get hungry” and push even harder.

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