November 25, 2014

High winds and high fun time


Brisk temperatures and high winds didn’t deter parents and their children who turned out for McClusky School’s grades K-12 fun fair. English and language arts were the focus of the second of a series of events designed to make learning fun and to encourage parent/child involvement.

Families were grouped together and sent to one of several stations featuring a fun word activity. One station showcased the website, which features free educational games for young children. These online games are designed for kids K-5 and no registration is required to access the games.

Kids and their parents played a quest-type game which required players to identify different parts of speech to earn keys which unlocked doors and allowed the player to advance in the game..

Other tables held games such as the classic word game "Scrabble" newer games such as "Pass the Peas" and "You’ve Been Sentenced." Families rotated to each station so all games could be sampled.

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