October 29, 2014

Hospital Association cites many improvements


The Turtle Lake Community Hospital Association held their annual meeting on October 21, with 17 voting members present and three visitors.

The meeting, held at the 69ers Senior Center in Turtle Lake, promptly went through its call to order by Board President Rhonda Stradinger and invocation by Pastor Sondra Krogstad.

Minutes and reports of the prior year’s meeting were read and approved without correction. A report on the financials was given by Janet Kurle, CFO of Community Memorial Hospital. The books were reviewed by Denise Belisle, Dakota West Credit Union, on October 6, 2014. She issued a report stating the books to be in balance and in proper order.

Jeannette Lelm, the president of the Auxiliary highlighted the tasks their group had done, thanking everyone for their support and noting that they had gained a few members.

Lelm noted that a new time for the Trinity Bible Study from Tuesday to Wednesday, might yield more members also. She noted the calendar sales remain the same, possibly a few more than the prior year.

The Auxiliary had provided coffee for the clinic, a barbecue grill and umbrella, served the annual Spring Salad Luncheon, held their annual Holiday Fair, put flowers in front of the hospital and clinic buildings, provided 40 adult "bibs" and subscriptions to television and newspapers.

Tod Graeber, Administrator of Community Memorial gave a report. There were no health care providers present to be introduced.

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