November 4, 2015

Hunt retires from postal position


Roger Hunt put in his time delivering mail through sleet and snow, mud and dust, hot and cold: 26 years he had tallied in his postal work.

The work years included his rural mail route as well as the time he served as a substitute carrier. He logged just 40,000 miles of work-related driving short of a million (960,000).

Patrons he served, friends and postal employees gathered at the McClusky Post Office on Friday, October 30 to wish him well.

Postmaster Pam Hoff cleared the area of postal items, put out plates and utensils and a large cake proclaimed Hunt’s days of retirement had started.

The event started promptly at 1:30 p.m., with a steady stream of people filing through for a piece of cake and to shake hands, many leaving cards as well.

Hunt noted he had no firm plans for retirement but thought he might get that yard shed built for his wife Roberta now, and a little traveling was also in the works.

He was unable to give any answers as to his replacement, though he was asked many times. He noted that the post isn’t advertised until it is vacant, and he had delivered the mail that day.

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