April 9, 2014

In Touch with Prairie Living


by Michael M. Miller

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

NDSU Libraries

A completion of the Herb Pop-pke Collection has been announced by the NDSU Library in Fargo. Herb Poppke, a son of German Russian immigrants, was always a fervent supporter in researching and preserving his heritage. He was an avid writer, researcher and collector; especially of maps and books. Michael Miller announced the completion formally.

Mavis Amundson, his niece, shared, "Herb’s genealogical research and his efforts to know more about German-Russians were a labor of love for him. He enjoyed every minute. He poured his heart into the research and into sharing what he learned with his family and others."

Miller adds, "I have fond memories of visits with Herb Poppke at the Germans from Russia Heritage Society conventions. Herb leaves a living legacy of his lifelong efforts to document and preserve the rich heritage of the Germans from Russia culture."

Throughout the years, Herb Poppke collected a large volume of books relating to the Germans from Russia. Included in his donations were over 200 books. Although, the bulk of the collection is maps. Poppke was well known for researching and collecting maps. With more than 400 maps; these include Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and some of the USA. Maps are in English, German and Russian languages.

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