April 28, 2011

Infection leaves fluid on brain

Infection leaves fluid on brain
Pam Houser tells what she recalls of her illness and the quick descent into serious complications. “I got up thinking I was going into the bathroom, instead I went into a spare bedroom, fell and hit my head. The doctor said if my husband had not found me, I would have died.”
It was the end of February when she became ill, and then spent two weeks at MedCenter One where they found fluid had accumulated on her brain, leading them to think she might have encephalitis.
The infection, which is still not understood by Pam, will be addressed later this week with her doctor and she hopes to learn something then. “I am not able to comprehend all that happened,” she explained. It is thought to have started with pneumonia.
The two weeks in the Bismarck facility were followed by a one week’s stay in the Swing Bed unit at Community Memorial Hospital in Turtle Lake; then she returned home.

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