March 21, 2013

Irish luck helps dinner sell out

Irish luck helps dinner sell out
Begorra, the cabbage is gone!

The first fundraiser by the McClusky Locals was a sell-out success. The corned beef barely made it through to the end of the line and the cabbage and onions ran out a few plates sooner.
The event slid into a space between winter storms which proved tough on Monday events across the state. Many of these postponed or canceled their planned events and schools were also closed in many areas.
Just an hour after the event closed, visibility was already limited in the area due to drifting and falling snow and increasing winds.
The beef was served with potatoes and carrots as well. Specialty breads of Irish soda bread with raisins and Craisins, cheese, onion and garlic loaf, and molasses whole wheat bread added to the tasty meal.
Desserts included pistachio refrigerator dessert, green Rice Krispies bars with dark chocolate and chocolate cherry bars. It was all washed down with green punch, hot coffee and ice water, diner’s choice.
A lucky Irish gold pot holding golden coins containing chocolate along with Andes mints served as registration thank yous.
The meal was served to nearly 100 people, with the Union Grill closed f

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