January 31, 2018

Irrigation more than watering plants

There were about 10 people present for the irrigation meeting in Turtle Lake in early January at the Turtle Lake American Legion Hall.
Speakers included Chris Augustin NDSU Extension Soil Health, Tom Scheer NDSU AG and Bio Engineering, David Ripplinger NDSU Bioenergy Economist who reported via internet, Nicole Wardner NDSU Extension Sheridan County Agent and Phil Coffin Midwest Ag Energy Group.
Using graphics to support the presentations, subjects included irrigation basics and vital information such as soil depth. The potential rooting depth of the plants to be grown and any restrictions in the soil that may hinder rooting depth are considered. Potato soil depth may be only 18 to 24 inches but alfalfa may be more than four feet. Discontinuities in the soil from layers of sand, gravel or bedrock may also physically limit rooting depth.

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