September 26, 2013

It was a cold and windy season


Would the market be a success? Would anything grow? When would it open? Would anyone show up? Yes.

Helping the matter, but not by itself alone, was the boost of the McClusky Merchants with the matching donation of $200 to support the door prize give away of 20 merchants gift certificates of $20 each.

The registrations were gathered each week from those who attended the market in the Heart Park on Wednesday at 4 pm, buyer or seller or just visitor. They were told the drawing would be on the last market of the season, to be announced, and that they MUST be present to win. They could enter just once each week.

The registrations, coupled with the freshly baked items, the jewelry and stone

collection, the fresh-from-the-garden veggies delivered clean and comfortably priced, worked hand in hand to guarantee another year’s success for the new market offering in McClusky.

With late rains delaying gardens, the market opened on July 18 with a special clown and face-painting treat by Trish Mindt and free pop and candy for the kids, courtesy Heart of Hearts, Inc.

The following weeks included musical entertainment by Myron Mor-ris and games for the kids, with the Gazebo in the Heart Park a nice place to visit in the shade.

The attendance ranged from a low of 24 in early July to a high of 55 on August 7. There were 41 who showed up for the door prizes on Sept 18. Each week there was treats for the kids either candy or nutrition bars or soda pop. With an average attendance of the high 30s, it was called a success.

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