January 10, 2018

JDA project enthusiasm surfaces

There were firm plans, a change in direction and lots of enthusiasm at the January 14 JDA meeting.
Plans included estimates for various areas of the new addition and remodel of the Little Hearts Daycare presented by JDA member Nathan Rhoads and local plumber Lynn Meserole. The information included gas and electric heat options, plumbing and kitchen sink options, and some labor.
The boilers are $4,765 for electric and $5,490 for propane. These did not include wiring. Two estimates were submitted for the updating of wiring with a 200-amp panel and whether gas or electric boilers were selected. These were roughly in the $3,500 area or lower.
Rough guess for the entire project from Rhoads was $62,000. Others in the group stated they should guess high, as that is how most construction projects turn out.  Materials and some labor were in the $52,000 to $55,000 range.

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