June 11, 2009

Jenner flies on Honor Flight to Washington

Jenner flies on Honor Flight to Washington
Photos and information courtesy
Rosemary Morrison
Harold Jenner, Goodrich, recently flew on the Rough Rider Honor Flight. His daughter Rosemary Morrison, Robinson, accompanied him, with his other daughter Aileen Erdmann, Turtle Lake, greeting him upon his arrival back in Bismarck.
Harold Jenner sent his application for the Honor Flight and waited for an answer. He received a letter stating that he did not make the first flight, but that he would be on the flight in September. Then, on May 1, his daughter Rosemary received a call from Beth Bouley. “She told me that they had two cancellations and wondered if we would be able to make the flight. Needless to say,” Morrison stated, “we accepted.” This was the first Honor Flight out of Bismarck.
May 8, the two left Goodrich at 5:30 a.m. and were greeted at the Bismarck Municipal Airport by service personnel and Boy Scouts. They guided them through registration, where they each received a tee shirt and a jacket with the Honor Flight logo upon them, and up to the security checkpoint. “We made it through the checkpoint, although our luggage was checked,” Morrison noted.
Once inside, they found Roy Dockter, formerly of Goodrich, Lindy Lein, formerly of Wing, and Fred Zeer of Tuttle along with many other veterans. Also on their flight were Dr. Gordy Leingang, St. Alexius ER; Dr. Oatfield, St. Alexius Heart and Lung Clinic; and two of his nurses, Claudette and Shannon. Greeting the veterans at the airport were ND Representative Earl Pomeroy, ND Governor, John Hoeven, and General Sprynzynatyk.
“Our plane was scheduled to leave at 8:30 a.m. but it was closer to 9 when we took off. Dad and I were the last to get on the plane.
“As we loaded, we were

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