January 15, 2014

Job Development Authority meets to cite progress



With all members on board, with Dorothy Estrada returning to replace Theresa Jorgenson after Estrada’s medical leave, the McClusky Job Development Authority tallied up the constructive progress of the past weeks. Other members present were Roberta Hunt, Jason Parsons, Joey Belile and Andrea Kluck.

First on hand was the new website and brochure report by volunteer Linda Bowers who has taken on the task of making these both viable. She stated that the hired consultant has finished his work and his contract payment should be issued to him, approximately $600. The brochure information is also ready and the go ahead will be given for its design and, after JDA approval, its printing. The cost of the brochure design will be $200.

Bowers ran the website on screen for all to see and make additions and corrections as needed. She noted that only Debra Parsons had submitted photos for the website and she had been given the gift certificate offered for photos used.

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