January 31, 2018

Joyful gift edged with sorrow

The presentation at Grace Lutheran Church this fall, touched many hearts and allowed a glimpse into the hearts of both donor and recipient in organ transplants. Mary Beck told the story of her husband’s long illness with kidney failure and the gift that came most unexpectedly from someone close to home.
The word gift is used in many ways, Mary said, and most people look forward to gifts. They might be of children, money, flowers or things to eat. This time it allowed one family to heal through the gift their child gave and another family to continue life with a family member.
The Beck family first lived on a farm and suffered through dry years and low prices before they gave up farming. With their three children, one daughter Donna and two sons David and Daniel, Don became a carpenter. He later drove a school bus and was janitor for their home school district of Anamoose as well. After retirement, he took a job driving truck for a silage operation.
Mary had worked at the school from 1973. At first she felt guilty in working away from home. This was quickly dispelled. She saw she spent as much or more time with her kids working at the school than other moms were able to spend with their children while not working.

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