September 2, 2015

Kendon and Bev Faul wil 2015 SCSCD Achievement Award

SCSCD Press Release

Kendon and Bev Faul were chosen as the 2015 Soil Conservation District’s Achievement Award Winners for Sheridan County. They will be honored at the Sheridan County SCD’s Awards Banquet later this fall, and also at the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation District’s Annual Convention held in Bismarck on November 22-24.

This award recognizes farmers and ranchers who have made an outstanding effort to conserve their valuable soil resources.

Kendon’s and Bev’s farm is located northeast of McClusky. On their farm, they have incorporated crops such as silage corn, wheat, and barley, which have aided in crop disease control as well as improving weed and pest control. Their commercial cattle herd runs on 500 acres of planned grazing systems.

Kendon has put in numerous tanks and pipelines to secure fresh water to all of his grazing cells, and installed over 31,000 feet of fence. He utilizes cover crops in his fields and practices pasture weed management.

Kendon states, "Conservation has taught me to try and figure out better options for my farming and ranching practices. I try to maximize being a good land tenant."

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