April 23, 2014

Lack of water and pasture concerns for April City meeting


If you don’t count the panic-inducing resignation of the city auditor, the McClusky City Council meeting got interesting about half-way through on Monday, April 14. Andrea Kluck presented her formal resignation in writing and the motion passed, without a smile, to accept it.

Kluck offered to help train, with some limits on time, her replacement. Her resignation is effective June 30, 2014. The part-time position will be advertised.

There was no police report and the maintenance report revealed that water and ice problems were being resolved but other issues needed to be addressed.

Tom Giese also reported that his order of safety cones and barricades had arrived. Water supplies are both back ordered and some are on hand.

The repair along Highway 200, for the water main that rusted through and leaked, will require the highway to be patched. For the initial cost of having a crew come to work, it was proposed that a longer section, to the corner of Main and Highway 200, be replaced at the same time.

According to Kurt Mortenson, who knew of the underlying structure while stating he had NOT gone down there to look, there is not much support along stretches of the old iron main and it would be nice to replace it before it breaks again.

The issue will be inves

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