January 15, 2009

Lasher retires from busy agency


Joan Lasher retired officially from the local FSA office on January 2, 2009. She left after serving eight supervisors, the first Russell Houston, the last, current supervisor Connie Jerome. It was a good time," Lasher said. There was never a lack of work; the agency was always busy; there were always tasks to perform." Her work locally started as temporary worker in 1977 for the then called ASC office, then the local bank (First National Bank of McClusky now North Country Bank). She returned to ASC as a program assistant, changed later to program technician and worked there full time until retirement. She recalled that the job was never boring, and always changing which she viewed as good. "I really enjoyed the process of learning the computers and have one at home, and there is more to learn. I enjoyed working with the farmers; there were lots of changes and a need to educate. It was hard sometimes, there were deadlines to meet. I met a lot of good people over the years, both at work and those that came in. I will miss them." Before moving to McClusky with her husband, Vernon, a native Sheridan County person, they both worked at the Anti-Ballistic Missile sites (ABM) in Nekoma and the P.A.R. ABM site near Langdon, where they lived. Vernon was an ITT contractor for the army, a power plant mechanic. Joan worked as a commissary office ordering clerk for the Army and the Air Force at the same locations. They were there from 1974 until 1977. In 1979, after their move to McClusky, their second daughter Amanda was born, joining big sister Darci, who was then eight years old.

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