February 5, 2009

Leadership training set for mid-February

*Information submitted by Robin Bauer

"Within the community there are plenty of people with untapped talent that can make our community strong. There is no lack of leadership in our community," stated Robin Bauer, Horizons program participant. This one facet is recognized and elaborated upon by the Horizons program that so far has gathered more than 40 McClusky residents together in a partnership with the Horizons Program fostered through an NDSU outreach program. Within this program structure, the participants learn to recognize and address many different types of poverty in their community. With this knowledge, the people can build and maintain a thriving community. A new phase will begin on Saturday, Feb. 14 at 9 a.m. at the McClusky City Hall. There, "Leadership Plenty" will help equip citizens with skills such as effective communication, conflict management and partnership building; skills they can use to work together as a community.

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