November 18, 2010

Legion hears Major Kalk address veteran’s needs

Legion hears Major Kalk address veteran’s needs
Major Brian Kalk spoke on issues of new and old veteran’s at the Goodrich Legion Veteran’s Day program last Thursday. He recalled both history and personal connection to past and present conflicts, urging everyone who has served in the military to reach out to today’s returning veterans.
The bonds veterans share do not end when they leave the service, Kalk stated. The groups that exist are as important today as they were after the “big” wars of the past. He specifically mentioned the American Legion, AmVets, USMC League and VFW clubs and organizations for all that they have done to continue to support those who serve their country. He asked those who are already members to reach out and invite another veteran to join.
Kalk mentioned that his grandfather was a World War II veteran; his father serving in the Berlin Wall-building era; he serving in Japan and Hawaii. It was while serving and visiting in these areas with his family that the question of “Why?” came to him and others. “Why did they attack us,” he thought as he looked at the statures in Japan.
His daughter Jordee echoed that question when she first saw the USS Arizona in its watery grave in Hawaii. With only an answer that some people are bad, the question remains.

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