March 12, 2009

Lewis and Clark lyceum entertains students


On Wed., Feb 25, both Goodrich and McClusky Elementary students were entertained and educated about the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Sgt. George Gibson, AKA Tom Gibson. Gibson is also well-known for his humorous Sam Ting presentations. The program, sponsored by the Sheridan County Soil Conservation District, was held in the morning at both sites and Gibson was introduced by Darci Gahner, SCSCD manager. Gibson presented fur pelts and antlers, samples of barter items used for exchange with Native American tribes, powder and bullet for the rifles used in those days, and examples of the tools, such as an axe. Gibson at first attempted to establish communication with each class with sign language, and when that failed to bring a reply from the classes, asked if anyone spoke English. Of course, many did and he continued in accented English. He told the detailed information is story format, explaining how a bear had interrupted him along his travels to the class, causing him to throw his rifle at the bear, lacking time to reload. Then he explained the steps in loading his firearm. The burrowing dog of the prairie pelt opened the occasion for him to use a "sandy claws" joke, drawing laughter from the students who caught the word play on "Santa Claus. Later, displaying the thimbles used in trade, he again explained that there was another thimble that he carried, the "Peath Thimble," or the peace symbol-backed medallion of the U.S. that the expedition carried. Again, the students enjoyed the humor.

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