August 6, 2014

Linden, love and lettuce


The yard of Duane (Rusty) and Lois Lasher is a peaceful place, the home of a couple who met in later life, after each losing their spouse to illness.

The great color on the front steps and along the house, meets you with reds, white and cascading greenery, grown each year from new stock. Lois admits she hasn’t learned how to over-winter the geraniums that form the base of the red accents.

The other favorite of Lois and Rusty are the peonies and the beautiful Linden tree in the back yard.

The peonies are so beautiful, they said, but don’t last very long.

The Linden tree was planted soon after they married and began life together in June of 1994. "It didn’t seem to do much at first," said Rusty, "then it just took off."

The lovely tree now shades a good portion of the back yard and accents the small flower garden and the huge vegetable and rhubarb patch. A solar light is ready to be tried in the small flower garden and hollyhocks line the west walls of the house.

There are huge rhubarb and squash plants; copious amounts of lettuce; a variety of all the things one cans or freezes for the winter months, all snuggled into a rectangle at the back of the yard.

Miracle Grow is again the choice for these McClusky gardeners, with Weed and Feed the cure-all for the lawn.


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