April 16, 2009

Lions present Schmidt family music treat for spring fundraiser

Lions present Schmidt family music treat for spring fundraiser
The mass of feet that marched into the McClusky Elementary School Lunchroom on the first Saturday in April were attached to people who accomplished much in doing so. They supported the McClusky Lions efforts in fundraising for community projects; they honored one of their own community’s talents, and they ate cake, and ice cream, (until it ran out) and had a good time.
The cake walk offered a chance to do some walking for luck, with a choice of cakes to pick from if your number was lucky. At the end, a few cakes remained and were sold for a nominal amount, again for choice.
The cakes came from the kitchens of Lions and their supporters, as well. Many were begged off of great community chefs, with those cakes selling out quickly. The cakes ranged from gluten and sugar-free varieties to rich Black Russian chocolate and angel food. The turnout this year exceeded expectations, running the event short on ice cream and coffee, but holding out on cake and punch.
The Glen Schmidt family offered their gospel and fiddling music for music lovers to enjoy. The family of 9, including mom Lisa and dad Glen, live in Bismarck, but dad was raised in McClusky until his senior year, when his dad, Valentine, went into business in Bismarck, leaving his FU Co-op job as manager. The family, and mom Millie who returned to McClusky to watch her son and his family perform on April 4, went with him.
The young Schmidt children are home schooled and also trained in music. They have been performing for six years, volunteering in nursing homes. The word spread from there. They enjoy all opportunities to sing in churches, for banquets, community events. They have traveled in ND, SD, WY, NE, and Canada.
The family’s focus is sharing the Gospel through testimony and song, encouraging families to stay together and serve God as a family.
Besides the parents, the group includes seven children: Erica, 22; Rebecca, 19; Monica, 17; Christina, 14; Nathan, 11; Julia, 7; and Ethan, 5.

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