July 19, 2012

Lions thank donors at anniversary supper

Lions thank donors at anniversary supper


The McClusky Lions gave a group thank you to all those who have helped the club be successful this past year. The Club meets only a few times a year, one being their anniversary in June, which marked the 82 year in 2012. The meeting, held on July 1 in the McClusky City Community Room, was host to special guests: Glen and JoAnn Lelm, Theresa Jorgenson, Alvina Martwick, Eunice Wagner, Donna Baker, and Lorene Erdmann, along with Lions President Brian Tinker, Lions Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Martwick, Blood Drive Chairman and Tail-twister Dave Martwick, Sign and Vest committee Chair Allan Tinker, Lions Weldon Wag-ner, and Armin Erdmann.
A short meeting was held and a personal thank you to the donors, present and absent, was officially made. It took fundraising dollars, spirit, hard work and the use of sign locations to bring a community service project to completion. The signs now welcome the public to the McClusky community from both the east and west. A sign that will show the project to be an effort of the McClusky Lions is currently underway and will be added later.

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