November 13, 2013

Little Hearts Daycare open and "outstanding"


The efforts of McClusky Job Development Authority members, volunteers, donors, community members and the assistance of daycare experts from North Dakota agencies culminated in a ready for kids, safe environment on north Main Street in McClusky.

Andrea Kluck took care of "tons" of paper work; Roberta Hunt took care of most anything that needed to be done; Jason Parsons lent professional advice and electrical skills; Joey Belisle painted and helped lift heavy stuff; Theresa Jorgensen found needed items and pursued donation collection of even more supplies. None of this was on their job descriptions when they agreed to serve but not one complained.

When the hands were done ripping out carpet, cleaning, painting, putting in linoleum, installing carpet, installing stove and refrigerators that pass inspection, repairing or replacing electrical, plumbing and heating deficiencies, installing child-proof barriers where needed, buying suitable child-size chairs, tables, shelves and toys, properly installing shelves that did not tip or could not be climbed, preparing manuals for training, interviewing work applicants, buying food and needed supplies, applying for licenses, advertising for help, keeping track of money, donations and expenses, calling prospective daycare customers, and holding many, many, many meetings, it was declared an "outstanding job" by those who knew best… those who license such facilities.

Ilean Gross is the current supervisor of the daycare; on-call and receiving her required training is assistant Kaylyn Piper, the applicant recently chosen from among those who replied to the first ad.

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