April 1, 2010

Local group pursues Farmers Market development

Local group pursues Farmers Market development
The local Horizons-based “farmers market’ group met on Monday at the Union, to try to iron out the plans for a local farmers market. The benefits are many and the success of farmers markets in other small and larger towns spurs the group on to develop this for Sheridan County and the McClusky community.
Led by Horizons Steering Committee member Elisha Dockter, who was also chosen to continue as the president of the farmers’ market group, the next move will be to draft bylaws. The group will also determine what the costs will be to become part of the larger structure within the state for these groups. A market developed in Bowdon was serving as a lead example for the group, with a copy of the bylaws and their letter to the community and other information used to focus the local group.
Eden McLeod was chosen as the vice-president and Linda Bowers as the secretary-treasurer for the group. Karen Blumhagen agreed to serve as a contact for those who might need information on how to garden and Mike Axt will serve as a liaison between this group and the FFA gardening project for which they received a grant.
Axt noted that a large portion of the FFA produce will be targeted towards the ND State Fair exhibits and that needed to be taken into consideration.
The group decided to meet again in a week, time and location still to be set, to finalize the plans and get ready to send a letter out to interested growers and prospective buyers.

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