August 20, 2014

Local sculptor aids dancer's dream


When the retirement dreams of teaching and dancing ended in a car accident on glare ice north of McClusky, it was a struggle for Brian Tinker to adjust to giving up his life’s foremost interest.

Tinker, who suffered a severed spinal cord, is a paraplegic and uses a power chair to get around. Travel is painful for him and he has largely limited his trips to medical and other extreme situations that make travel necessary.

Tinker’s wife, Allan, who wrote this article, was also saddened by the loss of what they had looked forward to in retirement. But, the couple has focused on what can still be done, not what was lost.

Teaching dance was still possible; demonstrations could be done by others. Music could still brighten their lives and others could learn the dances that Tinker had taught for many years: ethnic folk dances; ballroom dances; all the favorites from the chicken dance to the Swedish hambo.

Old buildings on the farm are underway to becoming usable again. Rotten boards have been replaced with new wood and windows added for light. A long way from done, but work is in progress with the dream of having both children and adults learn to enjoy dance as much as the Tinkers once did.

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