May 9, 2013

Locals and Union hold fundraisers for community needs

Locals and Union hold fundraisers for community needs
With a bit of miscommunication but a beautiful day to offset it, two fifth of May events were held in McClusky on Sunday, both feeding a large portion of the county and neighboring areas.
The Union held a spaghetti fundraiser to benefit the McClusky Fire Dept. They used their space and time to serve spaghetti and meatballs, collecting funds which they stated on their posters “all” goes to the fire department, ostensibly to help replace outdated fire protection gear and equipment needs that are currently an issue for the department.
More than 130 people attended with 12 volunteers helping to serve: eight firemen and four ambulance members. They raised about $3,000 which includes the matching funds from Thrivent.
Sherry Korus noted that the Union donated the food so there was no cost to the fire dept.
Kendon Faul is the local fire chief. Union planners were Korus and Vonnie Erdmann, who were helped in the food service by the McClusky ambulance and fire dept personnel and the café’s staff.
The Locals, held their second fundraiser (four are planned for each year as annual continuing events, with a chili feed coming next the end of Sept.). They pre-sold tickets as the group is small and work needs to be planned far in advance. They planned to place their events at calendar times of the year when there are no other annual events by other local entities. Their attendance was about 50 people and included some donations as well as ticket sales. Their last event, the St Patrick’s Day dinner, sold out at 100 meals.

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