June 17, 2015

Loves her job and getting hugs


Connie Werth is the new administrator at Sheridan Memorial Home in McClusky. She started on May 1, after working at the home as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for eight and one-half years.

Werth comes to the job with years of experience and training. She started working in fast food jobs as many teenagers do, then worked and became trained as a CNA at St Vincent’s Care Center in Bismarck. She added to that work experience with additional time at Missouri Slope Nursing Home and worked in the cardiology clinic at MedCenter One.

With her old job, she had to work evenings and missed a lot of her kids’ sports when she was on the 3-11 p.m. shift. Now she can manage her time and be covered by staff when she wishes to go on a personal errand or special event.

The kids, growing up quickly, attend or have attended McClusky School since 2006. Kaytlin, the oldest at 19, is attending University of Jamestown, majoring in physical therapy. Arika is a senior at MHS; undecided in future studies but "very good" at math and computer skills, according to Werth.

The youngest, Bryton, is 14 and the hunter and fisherman of the family. Husband Andy is busy with his work at Mechanics Plus and his city council duties.

Werth is the daughter of Richard and Shirley Hauck and has two siblings: Rich the oldest, and Chris Alt, the youngest.

When they lived in Carson her dad worked for Hendrick’s Construction doing windows and siding and mom was a clerk at Super Valu.

The family moved to Mandan when she was in the seventh grade and she graduated from Mandan High School in 1995.


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