January 20, 2016

Lynnette Fox new Sheridan County treasurer

By Sandy Blanes

Lynnette (Murray) Fox took the office of Sheridan County Treasurer last year, on November 23, at a very busy time of taxes and end of the year duties. She is all ready for 2016 and ready to be contacted with property tax and other related county treasury questions at (701) 363-2206.

As county treasurer, her main duties are to be responsible for sending tax bills, receiving the funds and collecting overdue payments. During each fiscal year, the treasurer also helps allocate the county budget and decide how money will be spent. A list of duties can be seen in the ND Century Code.

Although Lynnette started her life on a farm north of McClusky with her parents, Harley and Marlene (Stein) Murray, she said that she has lived more years out of North Dakota from the time she graduated and mostly in Nevada. Coming back to live in the area still required a commute as both Lynnette and her husband, Rod, worked for the Graytech Company LTD in Berthold. Their own children were moved around a lot during their formative years because of work. The circle is complete with their granddaughter, Taegen, daughter of Chantal and Axel Johnson, now in the first grade in McClusky.

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