December 4, 2008

Magic in the air for SCD supper


There was magic in the air after the smell of good food disappeared on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at the annual Sheridan County Soil Conservation District awards banquet, this year combined with the annual Sheridan Association meeting. The high-quality entertainment was a no-contest win over anything television could offer those who chose not to attend, with nearly full-time smiles on everyone’s face when the magic started. The antics of Blake Krabseth, p.h.d. (person with a hyper disposition) a magician from Minot, ranged from rope tricks to water filling to balloon blowing, with the audience cagey about giving him a break on whether or not anything was what it seemed to be. In an early portion of the night, Krabseth was super-challenged by trying to get any commitment out of Delmar Reiser regarding just how long that piece of rope was, anyhow! Reiser, Jay Gahner, Carter Gahner, Robin Erdmann, Wayne Fahy, Kevin Bender and Jody Martin were among those adults who volunteered for various portions of the magic act, often wearing one of the colorful novelty hats, and noses, that Krabseth just happened to have handy. Balloons and keys and locks functioned and malfunctioned, adding to the fun and laughter. Tristan Martin, Josh Jans, Kristin Reinowski, Levi Fahy, Taylor Gahner and Shania Martin: all were among the program’s younger volunteers who didn’t "whine" or sit on their hands when called upon, instead listening to the gentle warning within Krabseth’s opening remarks.

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