June 25, 2014

Magician Jeffrey Salveson to perform at Hoffer Lake


On Sunday, July 29, the final day of the Midsummer Fest event in McClusky, a magic show and a canoe races will complete the fun weekend for visitors and residents. The performance will be held in the 4-H building, next to the arena on the north side of the access road to South Hoffer Lake. The show is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.

Magician Jeffrey Salveson will use balloons, talent, magic and humor to entertain. With each event as special as the people who attend, it is a chance to see magic work its miracle on people you see every day, or possibly, even you!

Salveson states, "I first got interested in magic about the age of 8, when we seem to go through that stage in life as a kid when we want to grow up to be this, that, or the another thing. Well, being a magician was one of these for me. I started doing talent shows and
gong shows (when I was a kid these were very popular). They were very fun to do and, sometimes, I would even win!

"I never did let it go and it grew out of control and, here we are today, the state of North Dakota’s only full-time working professional comedy magician and balloon twister.

"In any given year I will do between 275-450 different events and comedy magic shows and use more than 70,000 balloons. I am based out of Fargo, North Dakota but I travel through-out many states.

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