November 11, 2010

Maintenance issues and requests fill city meeting

Maintenance issues and requests fill city meeting
The McClusky City Council members tossed about among several venues on Monday, Nov. 8. After hearing about a fairly uneventful Halloween, the number of dog complaints, and the more recent busy spurt for law enforcement, they tried to get a handle on maintenance issues.
Steve Murray, city maintenance, stated that all the streets have been swept except for Main Street. Mayor Theresa Jorgenson stated she didn’t want any more phone calls from residents about streets and hydrants. “The priority should be on exterior stuff. We all keep getting calls on these things.” Fritz Hirschkorn agreed, noting “The weather is moving in.”
To one question as to whether it will be possible to leave less snow in resident’s driveways, the answer was “Nope.” Andy Werth, council member, came to Murray’s defense, stating that the rigid snowplow blade doesn’t leave any way to do things different, only and up or down adjustment is possible. He also added that he had bladed the same way as Murray when he filled in during the winter in Murray’s absence.
Murray also stated that he leaves snow on both sides of the street as evenly as he can, not piling it where homeowners are absent. “If they come back then there is a complaint about the piled snow.”
An investment in a more flexible snowplow would be quite costly, the council noted.

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