July 25, 2013

Maintenance work a good job

Maintenance work a good job
“Most know I go with the flow”


Thomas (Tom) Giese is the new, as of March 22, maintenance person for the city of McClusky. He noted that he had been “Baptized by fire” into his new job with the last spring snow storm on April 16. It was his “biggest excitement” on the job, so far.
He volunteered that Steve Murray was a “Big help for answering my million questions when I started.” Murray resigned the position shortly before Giese was hired.
Giese, the son of Lawrence and Irene Giese of Beaver Dam, WI, and Juneau, WI, graduated from Hustisford High School in the village of the same name. He has two brothers and four sisters, all living. They were raised on the Sunset Stock and Dairy Farm where they raised Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Red Holsteins and Jerseys. “Jerseys were my favorite,” he smiled.
After his parents retired, he managed the farm from 1976 until 2001, when he sold the farm. During the sale process of the farm, he rented the Jerry Heil farm in northern Sheridan County.
Later, he purchased the Allen
Just farm south of Pickardville in 2003 and still owns a quarter of that farm and the buildings but rents it out. “I maybe will retire there someday. The kids like the
farm and want to farm.” He is twice married and currently single.
The family goes out to the farm on weekends and the kids play with the dogs and cats that they left there. He and his children still at home, Robert, Cameron (sixth grade) and Cyrian (seventh), enjoy fishing, swimming and hunting as well. The younger two are in school in McClusky and Robert is an electric helper for Jason Parsons’s electrical firm.

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